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Real Estate In Kenya

Real estate in Kenya majorly consists of property for sale or property for rent. Property for sale can include residential houses for sale, offices for sale, godowns for sale and land for sale . Property for rent can include residential houses for rent, offices for rent, furnished houses for rent and leased land. Each of these can again be broken down to various options. At Hauzisha we focus on two main options: houses for rent and houses for sale

How Our Houses Are Categorised

All house listings on Hauzisha are categorized based on different options. These options majorly revolve around the houses features, locality, sale price or rental amount charged per month. These options can be.

Number of bedrooms – All houses are either categorised as single room, double room, bedsitter, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, 5-bedroom or 6+ bedrooms. Bedsitters are also referred to as studios in some parts of the country.
House Type –This refers to how the house is constructed. A house can be a bungalow, a maisonette, a townhouse, an apartment, a duplex or a penthouse. Some houses can fall into two different categories. For instance, a house can be a duplex and still be a apartment.
Amenities –These are the additioanl desirable or useful developments available to the house occupants. They can be standby generators, swimming pools or fitness centers.
Budget –We understand house rent or sale price is critical in determining how to proceed when selecting a house to rent or buy. Thats why all our listings display the rent per month or the current sale price.

How Listings Are Chosen

All house listings on Hauzisha are Our goal is to offer a reliable market place for clients interested in purchasing or renting a house anywhere in Kenya. To meet this goal we consider a number of options before onboarding agents to list houses with us. These are:

Agent trustworthness
Agent Reliability
Variety of listings
Agent Responsiveness to clients
We do a thorough backgorund check as much as poissible on all agents to ensure you only deal with the best in the industry. However, this should not subsitute any further due dilligence you should conduct as a client once you have contacted the agent.

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